Sub-Saharan Africa, over the last couple of decades, has seen a marked increase in the spread of communicable diseases. The Care and Treatment Clinic at Regency Medical Centre focuses on identifying the disease and providing high standards of care for the patient on a regular basis.

The clinic is open from 8 am to 4 pm – 365 days a year.

Some of the important features of the CTC clinic at Regency Medical Centre are:


HIV screening of patients along with supporting tests like Viral Load Test and CD4 count, if tested positive. These tests become the cornerstone of identifying the spread of this dreaded disease and the clinic offers support right from identification to management of the disease. All the medical equipment and medicines for the treatment, like Anti-retrovirals, are provided by the government body, namely the medical department of the Illala Municipal Section.

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Diseases like tuberculosis too, if not caught in time can prove to be fatal for patients. The clinic provides screening for TB, and provides medical and therapeutic support to TB patients on a regular basis. The clinic follows tried and tested clinical procedures to ensure that the patients are being given only the best standards of care for the ailment they are suffering.

Detailed records of each patient is maintained to keep a track of their progress. This record is updated with every visit and new data, as and when it crops up, is added to the report. This record becomes crucial for the patient when receiving care from a doctor unfamiliar with their history or even for a new doctor to understand how to go about treating the patient.

Antenatal mothers who are diagnosed with HIV during their pregnancy or after childbirth are given specialized consult on their situation and how they can go about managing it. The clinic fulfills all possible advisory and medical roles that are required in this situation to ensure that the mothers are not left at sea considering the gravity of the ailment and the accompanying situation they find themselves in.

The Care and Treatment Clinic at Regency Medical Centre also provides nursing care and medical officer as and when required by patients.

Over and above this the clinic also works largely with the prevention and treatment of communicable diseases prevalent in Tanzania. Diseases like malaria, diarrhea, filariasis are just some of the diseases the clinic works with.

Tourists coming to the region are treated with pre-emptive innoculations against the most prevalent diseases to help avoid them suffering from the ailment during their stay. Moreover, cautionary advise is also provided to tourists and patients to help them navigate their stay in the region while staying at full health.

The Care and Treatment Clinic at Regency Medical Centre aims to provide patients the best possible treatment options available, along with psychosocial support, and all this at the earliest. We understand that there are many patients that will have no idea what is ailing them, many would not even know how and when they can overcome the ailment, if at all. This is where the CTC clinic comes into the picture.