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Regency Medical Centre is an innovative, dependable Multi-Specialty Hospital with satellite centres across Dar es Salaam, the business capital of Tanzania.

Our vision is to make specialised medical services available to all on an equitable basis. We believe health care should be affordable and comprehensive for everyone, and physically accessible where and when needed.

Regency Medical Centre provides quality medical care at affordable rates with a human touch.

Contact us for more information or request an appointment right away.


With an aim to ensure accessibility of health care services to all Tanzanians, National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) – a Social Health Insurance Scheme was established. If registered under NHIF, beneficiaries can easily access health services through a wide network of accredited health facilities in Tanzania, which includes, the world-class facilities at Regency Medical Centre. If you are a NHIF holder, then you too can claim medical services under this scheme. To know more about the standard process followed at Regency Medical Centre, watch this informative video which will take you through the entire process, right from the admission for treatment to the claim form processing.


Regency’s Fast Track Service provides self-paying patients with walk-in, non-emergency care, quickly and efficiently. This service is separate from the main Emergency Department.

Backed by Emergency Department physicians, Fast Track is staffed by a certified registered nurse practitioner or physician assistant, a registration clerk and support team. Patients need to complete the triage process in the main emergency department to ensure accurate assessment. Once they are referred to Fast Track, patients can be seen within minutes.

Fast Track is available from 11.00 to 23.00 hours, seven days a week.

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  • my Son got well in regency by good doctor I found it great

    thumb Bk Kwetu

    Their service is very good , the doctors are very qualified no complain about their service they talk nice to patien i found experience verry good

    thumb Honey Ahmed

    5 star review  Treatment was super from doctors to nurses gave us a maximum cooperation. Thanks a lot RMC

    thumb Donald Shirima
  • nafurah huduma zenu nawashukuru sana

    thumb Sara Mnenegwa

    huduma nzuri sn nimependa sn

    thumb Petronila Jonasi Ngulukila

    5 star review  Huduma ipo vizur,Nawapongeza kwa kazi nzuri�

    thumb Lucy Masaro
  • 5 star review  Huduma zenu ni nzuri manures wanajali wagonjwa mimi mefurahia mgonjwa wangu ameangaliwa vizur vyombo ni visafi pia tunapewa dawa kwa wakati na Madaktari wanatuangalia kwa uzuri Asante.

    thumb Mayanka John

    5 star review  Good hospital am fine and got well now all staff treated me well

    thumb Evababy Mapande

    hospital inatoa huduma nzuri na wahudumu ni wakarimu na wanaupendo kwa wagonjwa

    thumb Piencia Ndaskoy
  • regency is a nice Hosp . with a very nice services and hospitality. nice laboratories devices.

    thumb Jacqueline Masikini Mganga

    5 star review  Everything was good,good service...nice care from doctors,nurses and all members who works in the hospital

    thumb Malaika John

    I found great treatment and good care of my baby with this hospital I loved this hospital

    thumb Tabitha Charles
  • 5 star review  Doctor are well in do oparetion

    thumb Sarah Salvatory

    very good environment I feel good here in my treatment

    thumb Tendwa Tendwa Miyombo

    The hygiene and services are the best, however Dr, Rahim's love and care to the kids is amazing, he is the best

    thumb Alice Karaze
  • you provide all the necessary care,very good doctors especially Dr Rahim,he is the best dr to my kids and he is doing a wonderful job,DR RAHIM NI ZAIDI YA DAKTARI KWAKWELI

    thumb Neema Gisunte

    Kutoka sakafu ya Mayo wangu Napenda kumpongeza Dr Rahim kwa hudumu nzuri na moyo wa kujitoa kwa watoto wetu.Mungu azidi kumbariki na kumuinua kwa viwango vya juu. Sina wa kumfananiaha nae

    thumb Benedictor Lyimo

    I appreciate dr rahim service. He is best doctor in town he is perfect pediatrician to my kids

    thumb Princess Mugheiry
  • service is good especially for kids. Dr Rahim is the best Dr to my daughter. I appreciate

    thumb Joyce Ngowi

    thannks.the doctors are wonderfull.hope to come back soon for more checkup

    thumb Gerald Tuji

    Regency nimepata huduma nzuri, nimefurahia huduma nzuri

    thumb Dotido Lavegas
  • huduma ni nzuri sana nawashukuru wliniudumia vizuri sana wakati najifungua walinibembeleza sana mungu awabariki

    thumb Macklin Maro

    everything good nursing takes good care and hospital has good doctors

    thumb Lucy Kawiche

    good service good doctors and staff explained me verry well .

    thumb Eslam Bajry
  • 5 star review  Naipenda hii hospital Kwa sababu wana huduma nzur kuanz Kwa madaktar had wauguz wao pia matibabu yao ni mazur wapo makin kuanzia Kweny vipimo had kwenye tiba asanten sana Kwa huduma zenu

    thumb Aziza Mudy

    5 star review  Huduma ya matibabu ni nzuri thanks. Nimekuta madaktari wazuri huduma safi Nurse there. Nice. Especially Thomas at surgical ward. Thank. You

    thumb Mzigwa Kimweri

    very good doctors with latest technologies of healthcare facilites

    thumb Atmdeep Singh
  • I live in songea municipal I would like to ask if you may operate and solve the problem of the bone of head which lead to swimmer fluids in the mouth?

    thumb Alex Mumba

    One of the most affordable hospital in heart of Dar Es Salaam

    thumb Jitendra Verma

    5 star review  Its a good and caring hospital

    thumb Abdul Shakoor