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Regency Medical Centre’s paediatric unit is fully equipped to handle any emergency and ailments related to children. Managed by the most experienced paediatrician in the country, RMC’s paediatric unit prides itself in the standard of care provided. The unit provides care for children not just from Tanzania but also from neighbouring countries. Moreover, the hospital also provides subsidized treatments for the children in need.

Paediatric care is specialized and vastly different from treating adults. Not only does the ailment occur in a patient of considerably smaller size, but also because children and babies cannot always elucidate what is bothering them. This makes paediatrics a challenge and requires a highly skilled specialist.

At Regency, we provide complete childcare, guidance and scientific support to our patients and their parents. Our specialist paediatric teams are always on hand to provide you the best treatment, support and advice. We make a priority to look after your child’s health right from their infancy through to adolescence.

RMC is a one-stop destination for childcare services. These include paediatric surgical and immunization services for children up to the age of 16 years. The staff at Regency Medical Centre are not only highly experienced but have accrued this experience in the most demanding situations over the years.

The highly experienced staff at RMC’s paediatric unit has also been running a number of outreach programs that are designed to meet the needs of the patients of every strata. These include:

Well baby clinics
Outpatient clinics
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Vaccination programmes
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Total health checkup
Inpatient care facilities

There is a range of specialist care that we provide when it comes to general paediatrics:

Asthma and Allergies


For a growing child asthma can be a massively debilitating ailment. Allergies can manifest in a variety of ways, asthma being one of them. At Regency Medical Centre we make sure that we provide a personalized treatment plan for the child. This plan is created keeping the primary healthcare provider in the loop.

Two-thirds of children suffer from asthma because of their allergies. We conduct a complete battery of tests to find the kind of allergies your child might be presenting. Common allergens are dust mites, pollen, pet dander, insect stings, medications and certain food items. The treatments we design are intended to lower the intensity, or even eliminate, the allergic reaction. From environmental controls to immunotherapy, we provide a complete range of treatments for the patients. The idea is to provide the child treatment that will allow him or her to grow with all the pleasures of childhood intact.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Image

Paediatric psychiatry involves treating the many puzzling behaviours of a child ranging from why the child won’t gain weight to behaviour management. Paediatric psychiatrists work as an important resource for physicians to provide them guidance in critical aspects of child care.

Child and adolescent psychiatry is not something that is practiced just by the doctor. It is something that requires a well-honed team to work in tandem. It requires various areas of expertise and a coordinated team effort in order to provide a child the best possible psychiatric care.

Children with eating disorders, pain syndromes, brittle diabetes, obesity, or those undergoing rehabilitation often require such psychiatric support. The kind of treatments include psychiatric, psychophysiological, socio-familial, or behavioural problems affecting the patients. The doctors provide pharmacological support, family interventions, grief counselling, behaviour modification, and therapy. These are designed in order to help the child cope with his or her disease and/or ease them through the process of recovery.



Children that are facing digestive system, liver, or nutritional problem they need to be treated by a paediatric gastroenterologist. Digestive, nutritional or liver issues in children are often different from those in children. The specialists in paediatric gastroenterology at Regency Medical Centre are best equipped to help children going through these issues. Doctors in this field treat children from infancy through to their teenage.

The kind of treatments provided by doctors of this nature range from lactose intolerance, bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract, food allergies, short bowel syndrome, liver disease, vomiting, chronic constipation, chronic to severe diarrhoea, among many others. Doctors in this field are equipped to perform detailed diagnostic tests of a child’s digestive system. At RMC, our paediatric gastroenterologists are also expert in managing issues like managing nutritional problems in children which include placement and managing of feeding tubes and intravenous nutrition as well as diagnosing and treating infants, children and adolescents with liver issues.

Adolescent Medicine


At RMC, the team offers a complete range of treatments for a variety of congenital and acquired disorders for adolescent and teen issues. The team of doctors, nurses, technicians and support staff are well aware and updated with the kind of issues young adults face when dealing with ailments.

The department deals with a variety of treatments that include abdominal pain, menstrual problems, nutrition issues, obesity, reproductive health issues, chronic fatigue, chronic headaches, hormonal imbalance, bone health issues, anaemia and many other issues.

Developmental Paediatrics, Endocrinology


Developmental paediatrics is a field of medicine that works with behavioural or developmental issues pertaining to children. These disorders have a wide range of disorders that can include cognitive or learning disabilities, global developmental delays, autism, motor disabilities like cerebral palsy, genetic disorders, language disorders, hearing or visual impairments, as well as other behavioural disorders. We provide detailed consultation and work in close concert with the child’s circle of care, which includes their parents, their general physician and others.

Endocrine disorders affect the growth of the child quite drastically. Hormone related conditions affect the growth of the child, their metabolism, and needs an expert to handle the implications arising from this condition. At Regency Medical Centre we have on board a team that can handle these conditions with the best effect. We treat a full range of hormone and endocrine related issues in children. We also provide care for gender related issues and puberty disorders.

Haematology and Oncology


Children or adolescents that are dealing with blood related conditions or ailments, or are fighting cancer, need the support and specialised treatment of paediatric haematologists and oncologists. The bodies of children and adolescents are growing and this makes the treatment they need to vary vastly from that given to adults.

The paediatric haematology and oncology department takes into account inputs from various resources. It is this multiple sources of information that allow RMC to provide the highest standards of treatment when it comes to paediatric haematology and oncology. The hospital has strong clinical focus and makes sure that the patients are provided all the comfort they require.

The most important aspect of paediatric haematology and oncology, as opposed to treating adults, is that the children rarely know or understand what is happening to them. This makes it more challenging for the doctors on hand to be treating this patients. We, at RMC, are well-versed in treating children and paediatric haematology and oncology are some of our specialities.