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Regency Medical Centre’s high-tech Intensive Care Unit is designed so as to cater to the most serious of cases. It is manned around the clock by a battery of specifically trained critical care consultants, dedicate support staff and nurses and technicians. With 10 beds and the latest technology on hand it has everything required on hand to provide patients the best treatment possible.

RMC provides intensive care unit is designed so as to provide care for people that are critically ill or in a seriously unstable condition. Patients in these conditions require regular observation and monitoring. There is a team of specially trained nurses that are constantly caring for the patients and monitoring their progress. ICU doctors are specifically trained in providing emergency care and know intimately how to care for serious cases.

The team of highly specialised professionals is backed by a vast range of super-speciality services. There are trauma and cardiac teams, re-constructive and rehabilitation technicians and nurses. The aim of the staff is to provide the shortest turn-around time for diagnosis and treatment of the trauma patients.

Patients can be admitted to the ICU for a variety of reasons. Some would require close monitoring following a major surgical operation. Some might need to stay under observation following a serious head injury. There can also be those who have difficulty breathing and would require ventilator support. Patients with heart or blood vessel problems, that is patients with very low or very high blood pressure, those who have just suffered from a heart attack or have an unstable heart rhythm, would require to be in the ICU. Patients that have been diagnosed with an imbalance of salts, chemicals or minerals in their body also require round-the-clock monitoring. The same goes for patients that are recovering or suffering from serious infections. This is necessary in order to ensure that their condition does not deteriorate any further.

There are a number of specialised facilities that are offered at RMC’s ICU, these are as follows:

10-bed Intensive Care Unit

Image of ICU Bed

10-bed Intensive Care Unit to best provide personal care to each patient depending upon their requirement. This ensures that no patient is devoid of attention at any given point of time in the day or night.

ICU nurses

image of ICU nurse

Our ICU nurses are incredibly well trained. They are instructed to not care for more than two patients at the same time. We prize the personal attention we provide our patients above all else. Our doctors, nurses, technicians and support staff are instructed to follow the same.

Critical care operation theater

image of critical care

We understand that critical patients often need to be rushed to the operation theatre at the last minute. For this reason we have a dedicated critical care operation theatre. This ensures that no time is wasted in booking an operation theatre and the doctor can continue with the treatment without a hitch. At no stage do we, at RMC, compromise on the patient’s health and treatment.

Monitors and ancillary technology

Image of Technical Machine

Latest monitors and ancillary technology to ensure that the patients are provided the highest standard of care possible. At RMC we keep regularly abreast of the latest in technology to ensure that we provide the same standards to our patients.

Critical care treatment

image of emergency

Our ICU doctors are specifically trained in the area of critical care treatment. They understand the nuances of caring for highly critical cases and it is this experience that ensures that we provide our patients with the best care in Tanzania.

Specific isolation room

image of critical care

There will be cases with seriously contagious infections that need to be treated on fire-fighting basis. For this purpose we have created a specific isolation room to manage the care of patients with highly infectious diseases. This room lacks for nothing when it comes to the treatment of the patient and provides a complete array of monitors and support systems for their treatment.