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Regency Medical Centre has a specialised operating theatre to ensure that all procedures are carried out efficiently and effectively. To supplement this, there is also a round-the-clock emergency and out-patient services to make sure that none of our patients lack for care. The hospital has some of the most renowned surgical specialists in the region. There are strict steps carried out to maintain highly sterile conditions. Our priority, at RMC, is to ensure that the patients get the highest possible standards of care and treatment.

The surgical practices are maintained at the highest possible standards. The surgeons are impeccably trained and have extensive experience in their fields from highly reputed institutions. RMC prides itself in providing highly ethical and evidence based surgical options to all the patients. Moreover, we also maintain a high level of outreach for our patients through surgical camps, over and above inviting surgeons from specialised institutions from India and around the world.

The surgical team at Regency Medical Centre is the pride and joy of the hospital. It comprises of consultants, senior doctors, specialists, nurses, therapists and a number of ancillary administrative staff. Each member of the team understands and takes full ownership of their role. The goal of the entire team is focused on providing the patients the best possible treatment and healing.


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Regency Medical Centre has some of the leading minds in urology at hand to help with the treatment of the patients. Here, there is a specialized personal care given to patients suffering from urological conditions. With state-of-the-art facilities and equipment available, we also have a highly trained support staff that help with the procedures and surgical interventions. Our skilled surgeons are well-versed in neurourology, urologic oncology as well as reproductive urology to be help the patients. Our testing facilities are second to none in the region and provide the best possible care to our patients.

Cosmetic surgery

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Cosmetic surgery often is a requirement for patients who have gone through harrowing injuries or surgical procedures. Not only can it give you confidence but also make sure that you are able to finally hold your head up high. There are a number of factors to be considered before going for cosmetic surgery. Our doctors make sure that you keep your expectations under control. There is also considerable expense that it entails, and this should be considered before going in for the procedure. There is also a recovery time that varies depending on the procedure. Moreover the risks also should be weighed, since all surgeries carry a factor of risk. There are a number of invasive as well as non-invasive cosmetic surgical options available. These options are on hand for the face, breast, skin and other parts of the body. Reconstructive surgery also is a part of this range of procedures.

Gastrointestinal surgery


The gastrointestinal surgery department at Regency Medical Centre specialises in treating, preventing and diagnosing diseases related to the liver and the digestive tract. This also includes the duodenum, stomach, gall bladder, biliary tract, pancreas, small intestine, as well as the colon. There are a number of procedures that we are highly proficient in when it comes to gastrointestinal surgery. Moreover, we have some of the best specialists when it comes to this area of specialisation. RMC always ensures that there are some of the best technical and equipment related facilities available for the patients.



There are a number of conditions and ailments related to gynaecology that are treated at the gynaecological clinic at Regency Medical Centre. Procedures like cervical biopsy, endometrial ablation, hysterectomy, myomectomy, oophorectomy, vulvectomy, are just a few of the procedures that are carried out at the surgical clinic at RMC. The clinic possesses some of the best treatment facilities in the region. Over and above that there are some of the best doctors and surgical specialists at hand to help the patients deal best with their ailment or condition. We work with a variety of treatment options catered to the personal condition of the patient. Each patient is unique and our treatments are created keeping this in mind.

Paediatric surgery


Surgery in children is greatly different from that in adults. Not only are children smaller, but there is very little information that they can volunteer to the doctor. The investigation and diagnoses needs to be incredibly thorough when it comes to children in order to identify the problems they are going through. Our surgical team is equipped to deal with a variety of cases related to paediatric surgery. These can be both routine as well as highly complex cases. The Regency Medical Centre paediatric surgery department is proficient in day care surgeries, conventional surgeries, as well as minimally invasive surgeries. Be it neonatal surgeries, general paediatric surgery, hepatobiliary surgery, paediatric ENT, paediatric plastic surgery and many more are performed at RMC.