Threats to your Heart Health

5 Threats to your Heart Health that you don’t know about


You will find many forums discussing and sharing about various things that can put your heart at risk.

However, there are 5 major threats that lurk in our surrounding every day which no one talks about. This is why; it is entirely possible that you may not have heard of it. In order to ensure that you can keep your heart healthy and fit, read on and find out how to best protect the most important organ of your body.

  1. Air Pollution

One of the biggest threats to heart health is air pollution. However, whenever you hear discussions around this topic, people are almost always talking about cancer or lungs. There is definitely more to it than that.

Dirty air carries many particulate matters which can cause cardio-vascular disorders, especially in the elderly. Whatever the lung absorbs, it immediately passes it on to the bloodstream. One of the primary jobs of the lungs is to transfer oxygen to the bloodstream. It works in the same way for pollutants or particulate matter. When it absorbs harmful things from the air, it passes it on to the bloodstream which the heart has to process thereby causing injury to the heart.

  1. Loneliness

According to a study presented at EuroHeartCare 2018, loneliness can be a cause of premature death as it affects the heart adversely. Isolation and loneliness can result in coronary heart diseases and might even cause a stroke in severe cases.

What’s worse, lack of social connect has proven to be women mortality twice as much as for those who have social support. This is something that you might not hear about commonly but is definitely a big heart health hazard. Loneliness has also proven to affect mental health adversely which ultimately results in individuals not being careful about their own bodies and ending up living an unhealthy life.

  1. Lack of Green Space

Tanzania is blessed with the abundance of nature. We never run out of flora and fauna. However, owing to the rapid changing lifestyle, more and more people are moving towards a concrete set up of life. A survey indicates that people are uprooting many trees to build homes, shops and offices.

Living in greener spaces and surrounding yourself with enough greenery can reduce cardiovascular risks. It promotes good health and ensures that your stress levels are down. If you live in an apartment with very few trees, try introducing plants indoors to ensure that you always have some greenery around you.

  1. Lack of Sleep

The lifestyle today has become such that very few people get enough sleep. People are working harder than before which gives them very little time. The introduction of smartphones and the internet too has caused irregular and disturbed sleep patterns.

Research indicates that lack of adequate sleep can result in blood pressure irregularities, poor eating patterns, weight gain and arterial fibrillation. If your sleep hygiene isn’t where it should be, it can result in serious medical conditions of the heart.

  1. Stress

Everyone knows that stress can result in terrible heart conditions. There is a strong mind-body relationship and the health of one can affect the other. One of the most prevalent heart conditions that people suffer from stress is depression. Depression often results in heart malfunction.

Now, while depression is treatable, the damage to the heart might be irrevocable. This is why; you have to ensure that you actively distress yourself to ensure that you can maintain your heart health. The best way to do this is to join stress management classes or to continuously surround yourself with positive reinforces. Speaking to a doctor regularly might help too.

Meet your doctor at Regency Medical Center!

To ensure that you are always healthy and safe, it is advisable to meet your doctors at Regency Medical Center regularly. This will help you to stay on top of all the developments that are happening in your body and to rectify anything that may be going wrong.

If you feel any kind of discomfort in your chest area, whether it is in the form of pain or just uneasiness, make sure that you speak inform your doctor about the same. It will also help if you keep a tab of your blood pressure on a regular basis.

Having an idea of how your body is behaving is a big indicator of any malfunction. Ensure that you spell out all the symptoms that you experience to your doctor for a proper diagnosis and treatment.



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