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Foods That are Terrible for your Eyes

12 Nov 2018 Blog, Ophthalmology

Foods That are Terrible for your Eyes

We have all heard about foods that are supposed to do wonders for the eyes. Similarly, the corollary is bound to be true. There are a number of foods out there that can be causing serious damage to your eyes.

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Healthy eyesight tips

Tips to Maintain a Healthy Eyesight

29 May 2018 Blog, Ophthalmology

Everyone would agree that their eyes are one of their most important sensory organs. We absorb the world through our sight, and yet most of us do not know the steps we need to take to keep our peepers healthy. With jobs that involve us staring at the computers all day long and with so much time spent peering into our phones it is crucial for us to maintain our eye health.

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