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Common dental procedures practiced by dental specialists in Tanzania


Dental problems have been on the rise in Tanzania. With the influx of more and more processed and sugar-heavy foods, it has become increasingly imperative for citizens to opt for regular dental checkups and go for Dental Specialists.

Dental care statistics in the region of Tanzania.

This, however, is something that is rarely practised due to the abysmal count of dentists on the continent. Africa has a ratio of 1:150,000 as compared to 1:2000 in the world.

Over and above common dental ailments like unaligned teeth, cavities, and other problems, even specialized dental issues have become frequent in Tanzania. However, people tend to be negligent towards their dental health because of the cost implications of the checkups and treatments.


Why it is important to have healthy teeth.

Even in high-income countries, 5% to 10% of public health expenditure is on oral health. It’s important to address the issues like crooked teeth, dental erosion etc. so that the patients have a better chance of healing. 


Here are some of the most common dental procedures practised in Tanzania:

Decay and Cavities

Unlike popular perception, people of all ages, children or old, can get cavities. Decay can arise on the surface of the tooth or even around the fillings. As you age, the root of your tooth becomes softer and more prone to infections.

The lack of regular oral upkeep can only work to exacerbate the problem. Filling cavities is the most common solution to solve this problem. 

Root Canal

Root canals are one of the most effective ways of dealing with an infected tooth without removing it completely. In this procedure, the dentist opens up the infected tooth and cleans out the infected tissue. They then use specialized materials to fill up space thus created and seal the tooth. 

Gum Disease

This is one of the most highly prevalent oral diseases around the world today. In this disease, the gums bleed or become swollen on a regular basis. This is can progress and become something seriously dangerous for the individual so it needs immediate attention. The scientific name of this disease is gingivitis. If you don’t treat it in time, it can worsen and lead to periodontitis.

In periodontitis, the root of the tooth pulls away from the gum and creates pockets which can get infected. It’s essential to treat this in time otherwise it can cause loss of bones of the jaw and the teeth. The treatment involves dental cleaning at the dentists on a regular basis.


Many people who have lost a tooth need to get it replaced so that their mouth retains its original shape and that their daily activities are not hampered.

In some cases, the original tooth can be salvaged and reattached with specific procedures. However, in other cases, it may need the implant of synthetic materials like crowns or artificial teeth. There are essentially two types of restorations, direct and indirect. The type of restoration required depends upon the severity of the case.



Dentists in Africa practice tooth extraction very often. Teeth that have grown increasingly diseased or have rotted need to be removed from the root in order to avoid the spread of the infection.

The dentists carry out this procedure under the influence of the local anaesthetic. If a tooth is found to have been broken off near the root, a deeper surgical extraction might be necessary. A surgical extraction is a complicated procedure and may take longer.



People who smoke or those that are lax in oral upkeep often develop a buildup of plaque on their teeth. This can take away greatly from the lustre of the teeth and make them seem yellow.

Scaling essentially works to remove this buildup of plaque and helps avoid more serious issues of the teeth. This procedure has a number of health benefits over and above cosmetic relief.



Orthodontics, or the practice of helping patients realign crooked teeth and/or jaws, is a common practice in the region. Crooked teeth not only raise the problem of not fitting properly but also give the jaw an odd shape which can lead to more problems.

This is hardly just a cosmetic problem as it can make it difficult for the individual to chew and may cause aches of the jaw. Retainers, braces, aligners, and other jaw repositioning appliances are used to make sure that the jaw comes back to the original shape.


Preventive Measures for Dental Issues

As we move more and more towards a diet that is essentially harmful to the teeth, dental upkeep becomes crucial.

It is important that we embrace the culture of brushing our teeth with a fluoride infused toothpaste twice a day. Flossing on a regular basis is also just as important to make sure that one avoids decay and infection.

Dental infections are also a huge problem for pregnant women and they need to make sure that they address this problem at an early stage. So, dental checkups is a crucial necessity for pregnant women.

It is important that everyone goes for regular dental checkups, at least twice a year. Ignoring dental issues may lead to the problem growing in intensity at a later stage and thus requiring more serious intervention.

How regency medical can help you in dental treatment.

Regency Medical Centre provides the highest standard of dental care in the region. The Centre not only has some of the best dental specialists on hand but also a highly trained support staff. We make sure that we give the best supportive care to every patient. 

Dental treatment is important for people of all ages and has a variety of applications. Unlike popular perception, not all dental treatments are painful and our dental specialists ensure that the dental treatment you are undergoing is as pain-free as possible.

It is our priority at Regency Medical Centre to make sure that our patients leave with a smile and we work tirelessly to achieve just that. So, if you are facing any dental issues, do not dally and make sure that you get a dental specialists opinion at the earliest.




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