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A Brief Understanding of Joint Pain and its Causes


One of the most common ailments to trouble middle-aged and the elderly, joint pain has also become disturbingly common among the young. There can be a variety of reasons behind aching knees, elbows, or wrists.

In fact, each joint has its own particular set of causes for inflammation. The most common complaint, however, that brings people to the doctor is knee pain. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when suffering from joint pain is that they try to bear it and work through it.

While it may sound brave, it can lead to some really detrimental issues in the long run.

Here are a few common symptoms that one can observe and their probable causes:

Joint Pain

Redness of joints:

This symptom is usually accompanied along with warmness of the joint, swelling, limited range of motion, stiffness and pain. This is one of the most common symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

But that is not the only reason for this symptom. This kind of redness can also be caused because of an injury that happens to the joint or its surrounding ligaments and/or muscles. Depending upon the reason this redness can occur in one or many joints of the body.

Warm Joints:

While warm joints are often construed as being a part of the healing process after surgeries. However, injuries such as fracture, bruises, bleeding into the joints can also lead to joint warmth.

There are also various diseases that can cause this particular symptom. Infections involving certain kind of bacteria or viruses can also lead to an inflammation of the joints and thus cause joint warmth and pain. Moreover, repetitive motion injuries are also a cause of this sort of an injury.


When an individual automatically starts favouring one leg over the other, a limp is developed. This could be caused by anything, be it muscles, joints, bones, ligaments, or even nerves and blood vessels. Fractures, sprains and other impact injuries can cause a person to limp.

On the other hand, there are also congenital defects that could lead to the same. Moreover, some conditions affecting the central nervous system are also guilty of affecting the body in this manner.


The sensation of finding it difficult to move your leg or any other joint could mean that you have stiffness in your joints. This stiffness could be caused by injury, or even a disease. In some cases, when the joint, or the muscles surrounding the joint are getting healed, the patient may feel some stiffness.

Over and above these obvious symptoms, there are a variety of lesser known but equally tell-tale signs of joint deterioration, or disease. There are a number of bone diseases too that can cause serious joint pain. These are:


This disease is caused due to the reduced density of bone mass. This reduces the overall strength of the bone making weak and prone to fractures. The causes for this are varied. From smoking and drinking to age related factors, to poor nutrition, there are a number of factors that cause osteoporosis.


There are a number of form of arthritis that have been observed. Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, are just a couple of these. This disease is cause due to the inflammation of the joints because of a number of factors.

The sheer number of reasons and causes that can lead to joint pain is one of the biggest reasons why Regency Medical Centre so regularly organizes regular health camps. We advise our patients to get regular health checkups and, if they are over 50, to get their bone mass checked as well.

This is a very good precaution in ensuring that you catch a possible disease in the nick of time instead of letting it fester and grow even more deep-rooted.

Why Regency Medical Centre regularly organise regular health camps?

health checkup at Regency Medical Centre

We have specialized doctors available for every health camp we organize. We understand that the way a specialist treats you is nowhere close to the way a general physician does. When it comes to the health of your joints it is always better to depend upon a specialist.

A lot has been talked about recently about joint replacement in the recent years. There are many who still harbor doubts about the efficacy of this procedure and whether or not they actually need it.

There are a number of joint replacement surgeries out there. The most famous among these are knee replacement and hip replacement.

One of the most widely practiced surgeries in the world, knee replacement is considered to be one of the safest. There are a number of benefits to this as well.

Not only does it give you the freedom of movement back but also ensures that you do not have to suffer needlessly from pain of a worn out or injured joint. Regency Medical Center also organizes joint replacement camps in the region.

Benefits of Joint Replacement camps

There are many who are not even aware that they do not have to live without the full use of their leg(s). Our endeavour is always to ensure that these individuals are given complete information about the kind of care and treatment that they can receive and provide them the best standards of care.

There are numerous reasons why you should get a consultation for your persistent joint pain. It could be something as dangerous as chikungunya, or it could be something chronic like arthritis, or it could even be a mild sprain that would go in a few days.

Either way, the best way to know about what you are suffering from is to have it checked out by the finest doctors in Tanzania.

Our specialized doctors are always eager to ensure that our patients get not only the highest standards of care but are also informed of all their choices in great detail. It is this level of patient treatment and dedication that has made RMC the gold standard among hospitals in the region.

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