Joint Replacement Camp – 1st- 3rd October 2017


In a bid to reduce referrals abroad Regency Medical Centre in Dar es Salaam has partnered with experts from HCG Hospital in Indiato provide hip and knee surgery in Tanzania.

“So far we have already operated on eight patients who have been discharged with no complications. Bilateral knee replacement and hip replacement surgeries in one sitting have been conducted for the first time in a privately-owned hospital in the country,” said chairman of Regency hospital Dr. Rajni Kanabar. She said the knee and hip replacement surgeries have been conducted by specialists Dr. Deepak Dave and Dr. Yuvraj Lakum along with local staff. She added that the specialised surgeries are conducted with latest cutting-edge technology with a small incision which provides early mobility of the joints, reducing the stay of the patients in the hospital. “The surgery is offered to all patients from all walks of life. These surgeries will be conducted every six weeks,” she said. The screening of hip and knee problems will start on 1st October 2017 to 3rd October 2017, and the surgery will be conducted on selected patients during this period.

Source: The Guardian



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