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SADCAS Approved Labs now at RMC


The South African Development Community Accreditation Services (SADCAS), is an accreditation body that works across economies. RMC joins the elite league of SADCAS approved labs in the region. SADCAS has been working for over a decade to provide accredited medical services to people in the region of Africa. We are very glad to be associated and approved by this esteemed not-for-profit organization. This multi-country accreditation organization has been working to satisfy the accreditation needs of SADC states that do not have their own accreditation facilities.

This continues to reinforce the thrust of Regency Medical Centre on providing high-quality care to our patients. We have, ever since our inception, been at the forefront of providing the best possible services with the latest technological and medical support. This process is only further supported by the fact that we are also accredited by the foremost accreditation authority in the region like SADCAS.

With the increasing challenges of dealing with deadly diseases like HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria, cholera, and ebola, there has been a crying need for growth in health care services. This has put even more pressure on the growth of laboratory and diagnostic services. The competence and efficient operation of laboratories and timely delivery of results and diagnostic services to the physician is incredibly crucial. They are the pivotal aspect that decides the healthcare regimen for the patient and are the cornerstone of the healthcare delivery system.

The ISO 15189 certification, an international standard, shows the quality and competence that we provide. Medical laboratories are set apart by the quality and timeliness of their services, and we acknowledge and uphold this idea. This certification is not just a one-time accreditation. This entails regular checks and periodic surveillance assessments. We, at RMC, happily subject ourselves to these constant checks and balances to ensure that our patients get the best possible healthcare.

At Regency Medical Centre we are dedicated to providing our patients the best possible medical care. This is a fact that we have embraced ever since we laid the foundation stone of this esteemed institution.


SADCAS certification & Accredation


SADCAS certification




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