Pregnancy of Eight Months and the Final month

Symptoms of Pregnancy of Seven Months, Pregnancy of Eight Months and the Final month


Becoming a mother is a joyous process. The final trimester is full of wonder, excitement and nervousness.

By this stage, the baby has almost taken shape and you can feel it move inside your belly. While it is a very happy time for you, you must also be extremely careful. Pregnancy of eight months and pregnancy of seven months can be the most critical ones for you to watch out for. Let us analyse each month in detail and understand what are the common symptoms and when should you visit a doctor.

Pregnancy of Seven Months

Stretch Marks

This is the first observable symptom that you will come across as the seventh month begins. Essentially, at this stage, your belly starts stretching and so the skin on your belly feels itchy.

The best way to deal with it is to apply light coconut oil on your belly and refrain from itching it. Make sure that you do not consume any kind of medication for this. Since your baby is at a very advanced stage, it might not be a good idea to ingest any kind of medicine.

Difficulty in walking

At this stage, your stomach grows because of the growing size of the uterus. Your centre of gravity shifts and so you might find it hard to stay balanced when you walk. But this is completely normal and you should not be worried about it. The difficulty in walking could also be a result of swollen feet which is also a very common symptom during this time.

Although these symptoms are extremely normal, if you are worried about something, do not hesitate to speak to your gynaecologist at Regency Medical Center.

Severe back pain

The weight of your body will have increased quite a bit. This leads to additional stress on your back which can lead to severe back pains. Resist taking any kind of medication for the same. You can try asking someone to lightly massage your back. Speak to your doctor about what are the various ways in which you can support your baby weight such that it doesn’t hurt your back much.


Pregnancy hormones can cause the muscular valve located between the stomach and the oesophagus to relax. This enables the stomach acids to flow back up into the oesophagus. This is why more than 50% of pregnant women during their second and third trimester complain of severe heartburn. Just make sure that you eat easy to digest, health and nutritious food to avoid heartburn.

Pregnancy of Eight Months


Now that you have already gone through seven months of undertaking various changes in your body, the constant feeling of fatigue slowly becomes a part of your everyday life. Your body’s intake of nutrition sometimes doesn’t match the requirement and so, fatigue sets in. Don’t worry about it.

Varicose Veins or Haemorrhoids

Some women develop varicose veins during this phase. Varicose veins are basically swollen veins that appear usually in the legs and they can be quite painful. Haemorrhoids are tiny blood clots that happen under the skin. These can be extremely itchy and might even cause bleeding.

Consult your physician to find out what is the best treatment for this. You will not be able to take any strong medication because your it can harm your foetus. You can try soaking your legs in a bucket of warm water with some Epsom salt dissolved in it.

Symptoms of the Final month of pregnancy

The final month is one full of excitement and joy. However, these feelings of joy are most commonly accompanied by feelings of uneasiness and a lot of physical discomfort in movement etc.

Frequent Urination

This is the last stretch of your pregnancy and you will often feel the urge to urinate during this time. This is because the size of your uterus enlarges and becomes heavy putting constant pressure on your bladder. This is a normal symptom and only an indication of the nearing delivery.

Numbness in your digits

You might experience a slightly tingling feeling in your fingers and your toes. This is also referred to as the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The increased fluid retention in the body during pregnancy can lead to additional pressure on the network of bones and veins in the palms of your hands, leading to a numbing or a tingling sensation.

It is also time for you to regularly visit your doctor to find out when you are ready for delivery. Make sure that you discuss with your doctors regarding any contingency of undertaking a ‘C’ section delivery beforehand.

In case you have any doubts and wish to discuss them with your doctor, do not hesitate to book an appointment with your gynaecologist at Regency Medical Centre. You will always get the best advice and medical attention here.



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