International Women's Day

Gift Health To The Women In Your Lives This International Women’s Day


Woman. This seems to be a single word that practically encompasses a universe. A woman is an amalgamation of everything strong, positive and productive that this world has to offer us. But, do we really treasure the wealth that a woman offers us? Women are the first to ignore their health.  So caring and loving towards everyone else around them, that they hardly find the time to look after themselves.

So, let’s all take this opportunity to care for ourselves and all the women in our lives this International women’s day. Below is a list of some of the most basic and yet critical things that you can do to better the health of every woman in this world.

It’s not just physical

The awareness towards physical fitness is increasing with every passing day. However, there seems to be a taboo attached to discussing mental health.  Not only are people reluctant to talk about their mental problems, but, in the off chance that someone does report it, the person is regarded as “crazy”.

Urban Tanzania accounts for many cases of unreported mental trauma undergone by women. There are a myriad of reasons that can be associated with various kinds of mental disorders. The top reason, however stood out to be “experiencing a harder married life than men”.  Amongst the most significant factors responsible for this experience are:

  • Depression,
  • anxiety,
  • psychological distress,
  • sexual violence within and outside marital affairs,
  • domestic violence.

While the cause can be anything, the outcome almost invariably manifests itself in the form of a severely troubled woman. The only way to prevent a lady from falling deeper and deeper into this hole of sickness and desperation is to watch out for the signs and take action early on.

Although, the best course of action is to approach professional counselors or therapists who have a systematic and medically approved method of approaching different problems, it is also possible for each individual to provide care.

If you feel that you are yourself undergoing some of these symptoms, then you must talk to someone your trust like a family member or a friend so that you start feeling better. If it is not you but someone around you, then you must try to reach out to the person and help her ease up to you.

A woman pretends to have a stronger heart than she really does and so it might get a little difficult to get her to open up about her problems, but with enough attention, care and love, you will certainly be able to get through to her.

Heart Diseases

Apart from the emotional strain that a woman puts on her heart, lifestyle that an average Tanzanian woman is subject to doesn’t give her a very healthy heart. Her heart is subject to bad eating habits, lack of proper exercise and, of course, stress.

The only way to combat all of these is to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Please note that most often people consider their everyday chores as a means to keep them fit. However, this couldn’t be farther away from the truth.

Proper Cardio exercises are the only way you can keep that heart pumping right. This international women’s day, please make a pledge that you will dedicate at least 30 minutes of walking every single day. These 30 minutes can be the reason that saves your heart. It gets the blood circulation running the way it should apart from helping in keeping your weight in check.

Body weight is a major issue amongst most Tanzanian women. Nearly 10 million Tanzanian people are either Obese or Overweight. Terrible eating habits can be the root of growing cholesterol deposits in the body. With increasing visceral fat, every woman’s body can be subject to unthinkable damage and organ failure without any notice. So, if you’ve been eating wrong, it is time you put that to a check.

Regular Visit to a Medical Center

Nothing can replace professional health analysis. It is absolutely critical for you to make sure that you to visit a medical enter on a regular basis and get your health assessed. This is going to be the best way to determine what the condition of your body is.

What’s more, if you keep visiting a medical center regularly, you will be notified of any illness before it starts getting serious. When you are aware of a problem in the early stages, it is definitely a lot easier for you to treat it. It puts very less strain on your body and your pocket if you can treat an ailment in its early stages. On the whole, International Women’s Day is all about celebrating your womanhood. What could be a better way to do it than taking care of your health?



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