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MRI & CT Scan Services are Now Available at Regency Medical Centre Ltd., Dar es Salaam.


Since 1999, Regency Medical Centre Ltd. has been at the forefront in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to provide premier medical facilities to the citizens of the country. It is our constant pursuit to upgrade our infrastructure with the latest diagnostic and treatment facilities for the convenience of our patients. With the addition of CT and MRI scan services to the radiology department of Regency Medical Centre Ltd., we have strengthened our capabilities that will help our medical team to provide a better and earlier diagnosis.

Let’s discover how the introduction of advanced MRI Scan and CT Scan services in Regency Medical Centre Ltd., Dar es Salaam, Tanzania is an important step for the citizens of Tanzania by understanding its uses, and functions.

CT Scans

CT Scans

CT scans or computerized tomography utilizes radioactive X-rays, the medical imaging technique that captures images of the different angles of the body. These are moderate to high-radiation diagnostics method and provide a piece of detailed information as compared to plain X-rays.

CT scans help in detecting both joint and bone problems, like complex tumours and bone fractures. It also helps in spotting any changes in the conditions like cancer, emphysema, heart diseases, or liver masses. It helps doctors see the internal injury and bleeding like which are usually caused by a car accident.

How does it work?

CT Scans how does it work

CT scans narrow an X-ray beam that circles around one part of the body providing a series of images from different angles. It uses computer processing to create effective detailed cross-sectional images of the head, skeletal system, abdomen, bones, blood vessels, and soft tissues of your body. It has a 2-Dimensional scan that shows a slice(image) inside of your body.

In this procedure, you will be asked to remove all the metal objects. During the CT scan, you will lie inside a large doughnut-shaped machine, with an X-ray rotating around your body as the table moves slowly through the scanner. As any movement can blur the image you will have to be very still. The process takes up from a few minutes to half an hour depending on your body part. 


A CT scan is faster and provides images of any tissue, organ, and skeletal structure of your body. Some of the major benefits are:

  • CT scans are more comfortable for patients who have claustrophobia as they are shorter and quieter.
  • For an accurate diagnosis of any injury or disease, CT scans are good at creating slicing of bones.
  • Ct scans can be used during an emergency as they are faster.
  • As no magnetic field is involved in it, CT scans can be used with patients who have fragments or devices.
  • CT Scans are less problematic to a patient’s movements during the scanning procedure.
  • Health care professionals use CT scans to guide treatments and procedures like biopsies, surgeries, and radiation therapy.
  • Doctors use this technique to know if certain treatments are responding like chemotherapy or radiation.

What are Contrast CT Scans?

Contrast CT Scans

Done using radiocontrast, Contrast CT is used to highlight structures like blood vessels that are usually difficult to detect because of their surroundings. They might look faded in the image. A contrast material is used to make them in the scans. This contrast material blocks the X-rays highlighting blood vessels, organs, and more. Functional information about tissues can be obtained through this procedure.

Images can be obtained both with and without radiocontrast.

Contrast materials for CT scans are iodine-based. You are more likely to receive these drugs in one out of three ways:

  1. Through Injection- In this process, the drugs are injected directly into the vein. This procedure is done to help your blood vessels, urinary tract, liver, or gallbladder to stick out in the image slices.
  2. Orally- In this process, you are asked to drink a liquid with the contrast material in it which enhances the scans of your digestive tract, the path your food goes through your body.
  3. Enema -In this process, the contrast material is inserted into your rectum, if your intestines are being scanned.

After this procedure, you are required to drink plenty of water to help your kidneys flush out all the contrast material from your body.

MRI Scans

MRI Scans

MRI or Magnetic resonance imaging utilizes a combination of radiofrequency and strong magnetic fields to look at the pictures of the organs and structures inside your body. 

Health care experts use this medical imaging technique to diagnose different conditions, from small torn ligaments to tumours. This procedure is extremely useful for diagnosing the brain and the spinal cord. MRI scanners don’t involve any radiation and are highly effective at obtaining images of soft tissue.

MRI scanners are time-consuming and create a lot of noise. However, MRI provides a more detailed image.

How does it work?

To obtain a detailed, cross-sectional slice of internal organs and body structure MRI scanners utilize a large magnet, radio waves, and a computer. The MRI scanner allows the patients to slide in a table in the middle of a large tube.


MRI is a proven miracle in medical science. With the help of MRI, medical professionals can do a detailed scan inside our body using a non-invasive tool. Following are the uses of MRI Scanning:

  • MRI can detect any abnormality of the brain and spinal cord
  • Any abnormality in the various parts of the body including tumors and cysts
  • It can do a screening of high-risk breast cancer
  • Detects various types of heart problems
  • Discovers irregularity in joints of the back and knee
  • Finds fibroids and endometriosis 
  • Exposes the diseases of the liver and abdominal organs
  • It suspects uterine abnormality in females going through infertility
  • MRIs are preferred for patients with allergies


To sum it up, CT scan is faster and provides images of tissues, organs, and skeletal structure. On the other hand, An MRI is highly effective at obtaining images that help medical professionals determine if there are any abnormal tissues within the body. MRIs are more comprehensive, providing detailed images.

Licensed, certified radiologists and technologies will perform these CT and MRI scan services at Regency Medical Centre Ltd. This will enable the patients to have peaceful medical procedures, receive top-quality scans and the most accurate diagnosis from your imaging.




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