Everything You Need to Know About MRI


MRI, or Magnetic Resonance Imaging, as the name suggests is a technology used to capture detailed images of the body organs as well as tissues. This widely used technique of radiology creates a strong magnetic field to capture the images.

How Does It work?

For an MRI scan, a large cylindrical machine is used which creates a strong magnetic field around the patient. A radiofrequency is associated with the magnetic field which alters the natural alignment of the hydrogen atoms in the body. Physicians usually inject a substance called gadolinium into a vein to get a more clearer image of the cells. The images are captured in form of slices and can be combined on a computer. Using these images, the doctors and physicians can detect the issues.

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MRI & CT Scan Services

MRI & CT Scan Services are Now Available at Regency Medical Centre Ltd., Dar es Salaam.


Since 1999, Regency Medical Centre Ltd. has been at the forefront in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to provide premier medical facilities to the citizens of the country. It is our constant pursuit to upgrade our infrastructure with the latest diagnostic and treatment facilities for the convenience of our patients. With the addition of CT and MRI scan services to the radiology department of Regency Medical Centre Ltd., we have strengthened our capabilities that will help our medical team to provide a better and earlier diagnosis.

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