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Foods That are Terrible for your Eyes

12 Nov 2018 Blog, Ophthalmology

Foods That are Terrible for your Eyes

We have all heard about foods that are supposed to do wonders for the eyes. Similarly, the corollary is bound to be true. There are a number of foods out there that can be causing serious damage to your eyes.

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SADCAS Approved Labs now at RMC

31 Oct 2018 Blog


The South African Development Community Accreditation Services, or SADCAS, is an accreditation body that works across economies. RMC joins the elite league of SADCAS approved labs in the region. SADCAS has been working for over a decade to provide accredited medical services to people in the region of Africa. We are very glad to be associated and approved by this esteemed not-for-profit organisation. This multi-country accreditation organisation has been working to satisfy the accreditation needs of SADC states that do not have their own accreditation facilities.

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People With Arthritis

Best Exercises for People With Arthritis

20 Oct 2018 Blog, Orthopedics

When we hear the word arthritis, the first image that comes to our mind are the aching knees of grandma. This dated notion, however, does not hold true anymore. Arthritis, as a whole, encompasses over 150 conditions. A more accurate description of this term would be musculoskeletal conditions. These conditions largely affect the muscles, bones and joints of the body.

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What Excess Screen Time Does to Children?

What Excess Screen Time Does to Children?

24 Aug 2018 Blog, Paediatric s

If there is one fact that parents today cannot escape from, it is that children will find a way to access screen time through the day. Be it in the form of smartphones, laptops, tablets or televisions, screens have become an indelible part of our lives today.

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