All You Need to Know About Cervical Cancer


The fourth most common cancer in women, cervical cancer has created havoc. This cancer usually develops in a woman’s cervix and 99% are linked to infection due to HPV. It is frequently diagnosed in women of the age range of 35 to 44. This rarely develops in women less than age 20. Cancer is named based on where it starts. As this type of cancer originates at the cervix, it is known as cervical cancer.

Here we have listed the entire details about the symptoms, stages, causes and prevention of cervical cancer.

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Bladder Cancer: Types, Causes & Treatment

Bladder Cancer: Types, Causes & The Right Treatment 


In the post COVID – 19 era, staying hydrated with water and other healthy drinks is extremely important. All these fluids get stored in one of the important parts of the body, an organ that is medically called the urinary bladder. Also known as ‘bladder,’ it is a hollow muscular organ that stores urine. It connects with the kidneys. Most people do not treat the bladder as an important organ. However, in reality, it’s one of the most essential organs in the urinary system. And like most other organs, the bladder is also prone to getting under the attack of cancer. Cancer in the bladder is a very serious disease that needs timely diagnosis and the right treatment.  Read along to know more about bladder, bladder cancer, its various types, symptoms, causes, and the right treatment.

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COVID-19 Coronavirus and Cancer

COVID-19 and Cancer Patients: Frequently Asked Questions


COVID-19 statistics are getting more tragic by the day. The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has put the entire world at risk of contracting an infectious disease but the risk is even higher for people who are dealing with or have dealt with deadly diseases like cancer. We hope to address the concerns of cancer patients and their loved ones through the following compilation of FAQs about COVID-19 and cancer.

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