Exercise for vertigo

Exercise For Vertigo: Easy Tips For Quick Relief

9 Apr 2021 Blog, ENT ,

Because vertigo mostly causes problems with balance, the key to quick relief from vertigo is practicing exercises that improve your balance. The best exercise for vertigo is one that helps your brain and body deal with the confusing signs of vertigo.  

However, keep in mind that vertigo exercises can make you feel a bit worse at the beginning. So it’s crucial, to begin with, to slow movements initially. Once your body has gotten used to these repetitive movements, you can steadily increase your pace of exercise.

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Ent Clinic

When should you see your ENT Specialist?

22 May 2019 Blog, ENT

ENT stands for Ear Nose and Throat. These are probably the most common problems that people face and choose to ignore. There are many home remedies that people often suggest and practice and feel relief in their symptoms and fail to visit their ENT specialist.

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