Capsule endoscopy

Everything You Need To Know About Capsule Endoscopy Treatment

20 Jun 2018 Blog, Endoscopy

Endoscopic techniques have revolutionized how medicine is practised around the world. This method has made the treatment of internal organs easier than ever. The small intestine has historically been one of the most difficult organs to treat over the years, this is something that has been vastly simplified thanks to capsule endoscopy treatment. Treating the small intestine was almost impossible without the help of surgery.

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X Ray Radiation risk

Do x ray radiation cause cancer?


It is well-known that exposure to radiation can cause cancer in the human body, over and above many other problems. This raises many questions in the mind of patients regarding the safety of x ray radiation and other scanning methodology regularly used in the practice of medicine.

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Upper endoscopy risk.

Is there any risk in Upper endoscopy procedure?

14 Jun 2018 Blog, Endoscopy

This Endoscopy procedure is a means to find out and explore one’s upper digestive system. It is done with the help of a miniature camera attached to the end of a long flexible tube. The tube is equipped with a small light and a tiny camera to help the doctor locate the issue, and at times treat it.

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Healthy eyesight tips

Tips to Maintain a Healthy Eyesight

29 May 2018 Blog, Ophthalmology

Everyone would agree that their eyes are one of their most important sensory organs. We absorb the world through our sight, and yet most of us do not know the steps we need to take to keep our peepers healthy. With jobs that involve us staring at the computers all day long and with so much time spent peering into our phones it is crucial for us to maintain our eye health.

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